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Dry Cleaning Your Dress and Precious Garments in St. John’s and Surrounding Areas

Your wedding gown is more than just a beautiful dress; it's the most precious dress you will ever wear. You can trust our experienced staff to preserve it for you. A wedding can be hard on a beautiful dress. So, remember never to store your dress without dry cleaning it in one of our St. John’s facilities. Those hidden stains from food and beverages will harm your gown over time.

We thoroughly inspect every gown before we clean it. Then, we gently clean the dress, using the most appropriate methods for your fine fabrics. Finally, your treasured gown is hand pressed by our most experienced presser, who takes all the necessary time to ensure your gown is as perfect as the day you wore it for the first time.

Why not have it packed and stored in one of our beautiful heirloom boxes? Your dress is packed with acid-free tissue paper and carefully placed in the box. Layers of tissue between the gentle folds help to keep its shape and will stop it from yellowing. The box has a viewing window, so you can reflect on the memories of your big day for years to come.


Helpful Hint

If you’re having your dress steamed before your big day, let us know so that we can steam it right before you pick it up. That way, your dress will look its very best.

Free Pick-Up and Delivery Service

We go further to serve you because we understand life gets busy.

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