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Quality Wet Cleaning Services in St John’s

Are you looking for professional laundry services? Deluxe Dry Cleaning & Laundry offers quality wet cleaning services in St John’s. Our wet cleaning technique is based on gentle washing methods. We use biodegradable soaps, conditioners and water to clean your clothes. Our state-of-the-art professional technology automatically determines the balance of water and heat required to remove tough stains, keeps the colour intact and avoids shrinkage of your clothes. If you are not sure whether you need wet or dry cleaning, you can always get in touch with our professionals for a recommendation.

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Your Clothes are Safe with Us

Since our inception, we have always stayed up-to-date and have provided effective and current cleaning processes. Our knowledgeable cleaners have over 20 years of wet cleaning experience and can decide the best-suited cleaning process for each garment. We rely on dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hand washing and spot cleaning techniques to safely clean all your garments.

Difference Between Wet Cleaning and Dry Cleaning

Wet cleaning is the process of using water, specialized equipment and detergents to clean “dry clean” only clothes. On the other hand, dry cleaning refers to the process of cleaning clothes using a liquid solvent. Even though the process uses a liquid solvent, water is not used for dry cleaning clothes. This is because traditionally, on certain fabrics like silk and wool, water could not be used.


The professional wet cleaning technique has brought a revolution in the laundry industry. Wet cleaning not only removes the risk of human contact with harmful chemicals but also helps reduce environmental pollution. We are aware of the hazards of using PERC and other petrochemicals, which is why we use new, environment-friendly solutions to clean your garments. Specialized equipment has helped in the finishing of wet-cleaned garments. Additionally, special additives and softeners are created to aid in the wet cleaning process. The wet cleaning technique is very safe and can be used to clean any fabric.

Benefits of Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning of garments is based on biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-toxic detergents instead of carcinogenic PERC, which is used for traditional dry cleaning. Any clothes with the dry clean label can be wet cleaned. Other benefits of wet cleaning include:

  • No use of toxic chemicals

  • Removes organic stains (dry cleaning cannot remove organic stains such as sweat)

  • Safe for babies and people with allergies

  • Gives a softer and fresher feel

  • Low energy usage

  • Reduces toxins in air and water

The Wet Cleaning Process

The wet cleaning process at Deluxe Dry Cleaning & Laundry involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: Close inspection and stain spotting of your garment. Sorting clothes by fabric, type, light and dark colours and weight. Then the stains are accessed and hand-treated using a variety of non-toxic agents.

  • Step 2: The selection of appropriate biodegradable detergent and water for the specific fabric, be it silk, lace, wool, etc.

  • Step 3: The garment is then put inside specialized machines that come with delicate and sophisticated mechanical actions to ensure clean and damage-free washing.

  • Step 4: Post cleaning, the garment is dried and ironed or pressed by hand. This involves drying clothes in gentle dryers and steam shaping on dedicated machines to ensure quality finishing.

  • Step 5: A final check is carried out before packing it carefully and returning it to you.

Is Wet Cleaning Safe?

The EPA widely recognizes wet cleaning as one of the most environment-friendly options available. The process has evolved a lot over the past few years. The team at Deluxe Dry Cleaning & Laundry specializes in wet cleaning most of the items. If you do not feel comfortable with the wet cleaning process, you can call our cleaning experts to discuss other available options. Wet cleaning may be great for some situations and may not be suitable for some. In such cases, we may decide on dry cleaning. Regardless of the process, you can rely on us to make sure your clothes come back cleaner, brighter, softer and odour-free.


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